[Passepartout] Passepartout is not dead

Rasmus Kaj kaj at kth.se
Thu Mar 1 21:59:28 CET 2007


We're just pining for the fjords and all that.
A mail arrived from a would-be contributer suggesting we should move
the project to the Gnome subversion repository. We thought this was a
great idea and we will send in an application in the near future.

We think a proper public repository and bug tracker will make it
easier for people to contribute. Although Passepartout development is
not very active at the moment, we do intend to fix bugs and keep the
code from going stale. We have put a lot of work into Passepartout and
would like to see it evolve further.

So, where are we going?  We obviously need to update stuff to work
with current gtk, compilers, etc, but then?  What is the major problem
with how passepartout works today?  What features would you like to
see?  Should we support svg, open document format, color calibration,
gimp / inkscape / ms word integration, ...  :-)

Send your thoughts to passepartout at stacken.kth.se, we'd love to hear
your ideas!

Rasmus Kaj & Fredrik Arnerup

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