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Subject: System administrator part-time job offer
Date: 17 Feb 2007 22:33:17 +0200
From: Antonis Christofides <anthony at itia.ntua.gr>
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we have decided to have professionals run some essential services.  We
start with a system administrator.  The announcement is included
below, and may also be found at http://action.ffii.org/jobs/sysadmin.

Next week we'll have a similar announcement for the development of a
membership management system.  Later we may ask for a webmaster.  If
you are interested in such computing-related announcements, please
either subscribe to the polis-parl mailing list, (this one also goes
to bxl, but future announcements won't), or periodically check

System administrator position

We seek to employ a part-time system administrator to care for the
FFII's machines.  The administrator will be working for about 10 hours
per week and be paid 500 euro per month.  Vacation may be from zero to
5 weeks per year, at the administrator's option, and will be
unpaid. If the administrator needs to charge VAT when invoicing the
FFII, the VAT shall be in addition to the 500 euro.  System
administration will be performed from wherever the administrator
wishes, by ssh into the FFII servers.

During these 10 hours the administrator must keep the machines in
running order; perform trivial daily maintenance tasks such as
creation of mailing lists and user accounts; pick up jobs from a
queue, supervised by the IT manager; and do any extra jobs requested
by the board and the IT manager.  Such work may be:

 * The preparation of backup and recovery plans, and of security
 * The installation and setup of an issue tracking system.
 * Investigation of server security.

Response to non-urgent tasks, such as creation of user-accounts and
lists, should be 3 working days; for urgent tasks, such as the
correction of web site failure, it should not be more than 1 working
day; cases of unavailability must be agreed on with the IT manager

The administrator shall be writing down where he spends his time, and
periodically submit this information to the IT manager.  Such
administrative work is part of the duties to be performed within the
10 hours.

The administrator must be comfortable with Debian, Apache, Exim,
SpamAssasin, Mailman, PostgreSQL, and at least one of Perl or Python
(Python is preferred).  (This list is given as an indication of what
software you will need to maintain; if you miss one of these, it
doesn't necessarily mean you will be excluded from consideration.)

Since the administrator will have access to all data of FFII, he will
be required to sign a NDA.

Please send your application and CV in plain text (no more than 60
lines, up to 72 or so characters per line), to board at ffii.org, the
subject line being "Application for sysadmin position", no later than
28 February 2007.  All applications received within the deadline will
be considered; you may try to apply later, in which case we may or we
may not consider it.

Antonis Christofides
+30-2107722840 (work)
+30-2106521785 (home)
+30-6979924665 (mobile)

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